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The Great Yogi Gambheer Nath Ji

The Great Yogi Gambheer Nath Ji & Acharya Bijoy Krishna Goswami:

During his search for Sadguru, Bijoy Krishna came to Gaya. This is the same place where Mahaprabhu was initiated by revered Iswar Puri.

Bijoy Krishna came to know that great saint Yogiraj Gambheer Nathji has his seat at the Brahmoyoni hills. He went to see him. At the foot of the hill a dangerous looking aghori intercepted his way by throwing stone at him. He was hit by a stone on his toe but Bijoy proceeded undeterred. Then the aghori wanted to know the purpose of his coming. Bijoy Krishna politely requested to get a “Darshan” visit of the great saint.
The aghori disciple went inside to take permission and came back soon to greet him with “Prasad”. The puritan Goswami came to know that the “Prasad” offered was human flesh. Bijoy Krishna refused to touch it. The aghori became furious at the insult of the prasad. However he took Bijoy Krishna inside a big cave through a door 2’x11/2‘ in size.
He was greeted cordially by baba Gambheernathji. He introduced Bijoy Krishna to three other saints seated on three corners of the cave- one belonging to Nanak cult, the second from the Ramait cult, the third from the Kapalik cult and himself from the aghori cult(the last two belong to leftist wing of spiritualism who indulge in activities unaccepted to civilized society). Nath baba said that we had great differences while treading on our paths towards salvation. But when we reached the abode of joy we find that the experience of joy and peace is the same. Now we share the experiences of others and live together in peace.

Bijoy Krishna wanted to know whether eating flesh is mandatory in the leftist path.
Gambheernathji said- No, not mandatory. The followers of such paths live in remote and solitary forests and hills beyond the reach of the human settlements. The hunting tribes of the jungles offer a share of their prey for such persons on which they have to live*.

The Nanak panthis and Ramaits live in civilized localities so they get palatable food for their subsistence.

When Bijoy Krishna said that he could not accept the human flesh (acquired from dead body) as Prasad, the saint scolded the disciple for offering things to a non-aghori or tantric. It was an insult to a visitor. Henceforth Bijoy Krishna frequently came to Gambheernath baba for spiritual advice.

*Leftist spiritualism in its early stage is a path of self-mortification and moves on a faster track to win over the hindrances of duality i.e. likes & dislikes, good & bad, passion & aversion, disrepute or shame & fame, hunger & satiation, heat & cold etc. for that they live in unfavorable situation, take stale or ghastly food and perform frightful activities. Duality is lost within a short time. It prepares the base for the serene stage of penance & ultimately elevates to the pure joyful state in quick succession. However chances of failure are very high in leftist path.

GambheerNathji belonged to the ancient Gorakh Nath Sect of Aghori Yogis. He came from an affluent landlord family in his teenage and indulged in great penance for decades till he attained liberation. He became the head of the GorakhNath institution but often preferred to spend long days in the peaceful environment of Gaya hills.

During his stay at AkashGanga hills, Bijoy Krishna often heard him play on his Veena (an ancient string instrument) and sing devotional songs in the midnight. Swayed in rapture Bijoy Krishna used to run across the hilly tracks to reach him and listen his rendering and come back to his destination before dawn.

Brahmo Acharya Bijoy Krishna for the first time heard from him the merits if incessant prayer through “AJAPA-NAAM SADHAN”, Bijoy Krishna could not get it from the baba because he was not his Guru. Almost two decades later Gosaiji became the initiator of AJAPA-NAAM.

After Brahmo Bijoy Krishna became Sadguru he had said that he never came across a saint greater saint than him who had been reared in the path of aghori cult and reached a state of sublime devotional-love as high as him.

Gambhir Nath baba, befitting his name Gambheer (Somber), wept profusely when he heard that Sadguru Bijoy Krishna Goswami has left his mortal body due to a poison given to him by a panda and in anguish said- we do not want to stay anymore in this morbid world. He came to Puri and stayed for some time on request of Gosaiji’s disciples. He said that Gosaiji had resurrected to accomplish his incomplete work through his “descendent-disciples” as medium which Gosaiji himself had declared to be continued for the coming five hundred years.

Until the disciples of Gosaiji got ready to hold aloft the Sadguru’s flaming torch the compassionate baba Gambheer Nathji, on insistence of Gosaiji’s disciples, initiated many of their family members with AJAPA NAAM in his own way and instructed them to switch over to vegetarian diet as soon as possible. He recognized the need for such diet to follow the path of devotional-love.

   One of the greatest disciples of baba Gambheer Nathji is the revered Swami Paramanada Saraswati, the founder of the mission “The Bharat Sevashram Sangha”.
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