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Pathak Baba


This organization was founded in the year 2004. It has been founded to bring those individuals and disciples closer who want to discuss and learn more about Sadguru Bijoy Krishna Goswami, his teachings and his life. Individuals are free to ask any questions regarding Sadguru, this unique path, Yoga and Sadhana.

It derives its vision and values from Sadguru Shree Shree Pathak baba and Shree Shree Pathak Maa. They have blessed this organization and would like the members to attain a higher level of consciousness and true “love “and “devotion” for God. They also help answer the questions for all the devotees and religious seekers. The main coordinator is Shri Partha Pathak

It also helps you purchase books. Kindly refer the Books and publications sections for more information.

For any questions you can either email to the coordinator with your contact information or call the coordinators directly as well. Email: Main Coordinator: Shri Partha Sarathi Pathak:  pp01041964@gmail.com,

Lineage Details:

Shree Shree Pathak Baba(Das Brajeswarananda ji) is the disciples of Swami Ashimananda Saraswati (Thakur). He stays in Santoshpur, Kolkata. Individuals who would like to discuss any questions regarding Sadguru, this unique path, Yoga and Sadhana can get in touch with Shree Shree Pathak Baba and Shree Shree Pathak Maa. They help answer the questions for all the devotees and religious seekers.


To provide all the spiritual seekers a common forum to ask questions, network together and interact.


To spread spiritual light and happiness in the life of spiritual seekers.


The vision of this organization is to see all the members attending various utsavs together, getting to know each other, support each other and learn about Sadguru Bijoy Krishna Goswami and his clan together. Also the spiritual seekers can learn from each other questions.


  • Days will not remain the same.

  • Do not speak highly of self.

  • Do not speak ill of others.

  • The best virtue is non violence.

  • Be kind to all living beings.

  • Have faith in the scriptures and great men.

  • Give up as poison all that which does not comply with the scriptures or conduct of great men.

  • No enemy is greater than pride.
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