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Yoga - The Indian Secular Spiritualism

  Objective: To Achieve The True Prem (Love) and Bhakti (devotion) for the God (Sri Krishna)!


In Indian terms these paths are known YOGA – PATH.

What is Yoga ?

  YOGA is a word from Sanskrit language. It means UNION. In spiritual terms YOGA means union between the MICROCOSMS (consciousness of a human being (Jeev – Chaitanya) and the MACRO–CONCIOUS the ultimate truth (Param - Chaitanya). Whatever name we give him per Indian scriptures - Brahma (unattached, formless attribute), Iswar (the creator), Bhagwan (God) (manifest from with attributes, playful incarnation) or God, Allah, Jehovah and also to his sons, ambassadors and the preceptors who are in direct commune with the supreme truth.

All paths that help to attain the ultimate TRUTH are called YOGA – PATH.

Bhagawad–Gita (1500 B.C.) the holy scripture in the form of a dialogue between GURU (Krishna) and disciple (Arjuna) enumerates the different “YOGA – PATH”. Great non Indian scholars like Gette, Aldus Huxle, Max-Muller (European); Al-Beruni, Abul-Fazal (Arabian); Prof. J. Tarakhusu (Japanese) to mention a few unanimously declared that all spiritual philosophies ever promulgated any where in the world are to be found in Bhagwat Geeta.

Bhagawad Gita, elaborates in great details the various yogic paths to reach the ultimate goal of self actualization.

They are:-
  • Karma Yoga. (Selfless work for pleasure of God).

  • Gnyan Yoga. (Monotheism, illusionism and nirvana)

  • Dhyana Yoga. (Transendental meditation)

  • Bhakti. (Dualism devotion and love)
Till date Bhagawad Gita has been translated in over fifty languages and has had 3000 publications around the world.

What is the concept of Bhakti?

Bhakti means devotion. This school of thought promulgates the following key teachings:
  1. God’s creation is not an illusion but a transient truth.

  2. God is the supreme and his creation can not be of equal status as the Gnyan Yoga determines, (fire and its sparkles are generated out of fire but not the vice versa). An aspirant to remit with God must worship, and pray.

  3. That God has created the universe and its highest form in man. It is not just out of whims. He loves to play with his creation for sheer joy. So a devotee must react to God’s desire and train all his activities for the pleasure of god.
Other Forms of Bhakti:

Various other paths of “Bhakti” (devotion) evolved from this initial concept:

Such as:-
  • Non violence–not to hurt God’s any creation (living entities) because HE says –“I dwell in the heart of all beings”.

  • Take vegetation food most of the times and non-vegetarian food only when you don’t have any option.

  • Service everyone who is the creation of God (animate as well as the inanimate) (thinking they are the manifestation of God).

  • Read and listen holy scriptures

  • Idol worship – Idol of any manifestation or form as representation of God.

  • Prayer - Singing and chanting the praise of the God. (Formless) or his incarnation and manifested forms and his attributes.

  • Chanting his name because his name (“naam”) and form are inseparable – The manifested creation of God visible or invisible is full of forms and each form has a name - hence name is God.

  • Love - When Prayer is intense the devotion turns in to “LOVE” (“Prem”). In a state of rapture the devotee looses his personal identity. His ego sense ( i.e. I – ness) starts melting ( i.e. ego sense means comparisons between himself and Gods attributes – omnipotence, omnipresence etc).

  • A new relationship between the duos

  • Devotee and God behave as intimately close friends of equal status.

  • Devotee and God behave like mother and child.

  • Devotee and God behave as lover & the beloved.
At this stage the saints proclaim “LOVE IS GOD”.

This prayer is a great potential Yogic path that unites Microcosm (the human consciousness) with the Supreme Conciousness (THE GOD).

His holiness Sadguru Bijoykrishna Goswami prabhu ji is the beneficent - (The Donner) of devotional – love & promulgated this unique (AJAPA - NAMM - YOGA) relentless chanting - repetation of god's name which implies inceassant - prayer.

Sadguru Bijoy Krishna Goswami opened to the common man the secret yoga – path of the great renunciates.
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