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Who is a SADGURU and What is his role:-

  The creator of the universe (God – Krishna) tired of playing, annihilates HIS creation i.e. energy and goes to sleep in the darkest of the darkness. In this state He (BRAHMA) is formless, attribute less yet conscious of His existence.

  After awakening (God- Krishna) intends to play again and separates His energy (SHAKTI) and empowers her to create. With a BIG – BANG (OM) SHAKTI starts her creation. After the inanimate universe becomes stable the concern creatures are born but in a very unstable condition and they go back to rest at their very inception due to the tremendous attraction of the creator Krishna (The dark attracter or in the modern term – THE BLACK HOLE). Now the lord created male and female as separate identities for a stable creation. SHKATI divides her power with infinite attributes. Out of them the main two are stated that relates our topics.

They are :–

  • Power to cover the inner eye (consciousness of man) called MAYA – SHAKTI to abate the escaping tendency. Man forgets KRISHNA and thinks the worlds as his real abode.

  • Power to unfold the inner eye after a man is tired of playing (i.e. numerous birth and death entangled in the net of lust, greed, passion, etc and struggle for ego – satisfaction).
The second SHAKTI that opens the inner eyes of a man is called GURU – SHAKTI. Guru means one who imparts true spiritual knowledge to the ignorant man. In spiritual term an enlightened soul who can help to kindle a dormant soul with a burning desire to unite with his creator – The GOD SADGURU is the incarnation of SHAKTI’S Liberating power and directly liberates a soul.(Stated in GITAS 18/64 hymns.)

By breaking the chain of desire bound vicious circle of uncountable births, deaths and rebirths; also awaken the KUNDALI NI – SHAKTI and liberate the soul by power impregnated Name of God (NAAM) that automatically starts repeating silently – a INCEASSANT PRAYER Known as AJAPA – JAPA (details of which have been discussed earlier).

SADGURU incarnate may empower a liberated soul who volunteers himself to bear the spiritual and mental woes of others for their salvation and works on behalf of the SADGURU incarnate.

Such a benevolent may be compared to piece of metal put in to a tray of burning coal. Both being red hot can not be distinguished as separate identities. Such a pious soul is also known as preceptor SADGURU.
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