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Tantric Saints

Tantric Saints of Gaya and Sadguru Gosaiji:

Gosaiji was born and brought up in the lineage of worshippers of Sri Krishna (Shyamsundar), the puritan Vaishnava sect and inspite of his wide exposure to different sects of Hindus and Brahmos he had still an aversion for the so called leftist path.

He had seen the aghori & tantrik who had reached the state of liberation when he met Baba Gambheernathji. By that time the saints had transcended the limits of “isms” and relinquished the path of penance. So he never had a chance to attend their leftist method of worship.

Knowing this Guru Brahmananda Paramhamsaji took permission from the Acharya of a secret Tantric-circle to allow Gosaiji a sitting in their circle only as a passive observer assuring them the high level of his spiritual attainment.

At the darkness of midnight of the new moon Gosaiji reached the secret resort of the Tantric-circle where he was greeted and given a seat to observe their activities.

The “Bhairav” disciples sat in a semicircle on two sides of the Acharya Bhairava. A young “Bhairavi” (lady disciple as medium) completely uncovered & spread out mass of long hair came and took her position in centre of the circle. The Acharya and his disciple-“Bharavs” drank sanctified liquor called “Kaaran” and worshipped the Bhairavi with KAARAN & MANTRAS for some time. Bluish effulgence started radiating from the bare body of the “Bhairavi” and gradually engulfed the whole enclosure. A pin drop silence prevailed. The activity of the mind and the intellect and the self (i-ness) stopped.

Gosaiji saw with bare eyes that the Bhairavi gradually turned into MOTHER-GODDESS-KALI and the emission of effulgent light became brighter and brighter to ultimately reach a level of blinding his eyes. Gosaiji drowned into the sea of rapture and fell unconscious in deep trance.

When he came back to partial sense hew found that the ‘Bhairavi’ had gone. Other Bhairavs remained seated in their half conscious state. Gosaiji could feel from their inward gazing half closed eyes and the aura radiating from their faces that they were still drowned in the state of rapture.

Gosaiji prostrated at the seat of the mother goddess Bhairavi, then at the Acharya & other Bhairavs with great reverence. With the wild fowls crowning Gosaiji had to depart for his abode at Akash-Ganga.

His guru erased the apathy in him towards the path of the Tantrics. It may be mentioned here that Gosaiji, during his search for Guru had joined the sect of Bauls & Darbesh to learn their methods of penance which he had to discard owing to the ghastly activities they asked him to perform in the name of psycho-somatic immunization as the first step towards renunciation.
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