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Sadguru Shri Maa Shanti Sudha Devi:

Early Life:
  Shantisudha was born as the third issue of Prabhu Bijoy Krishna Goswami in the year 1875. Once in her teenage Gosaiji narrated a story where by a devotee got the vision of mother goddesses Ganga by her sheer truthfulness. Hearing this Shantisudha enquired if she could also get the vision of goddess Ganga as she had never told a lie in her life. Gosaiji said-“Of course, if what you say is true. Bring something yourself and offer it to Ganga and see for yourself.”

When it was offered Shantisudha, along with her younger sister, Gosaiji and one fortunate disciple saw two luminous hands of goddess Ganga coming out of the Padma River to accept the offer. Gosaiji overwhelmed with emotion said-“With you I am also blessed to get the rare opportunity to see Goddess in gross form".
  Incarnation of Mother Goddess Vindhyawasini

Gosaiji had said that Shantisudha was an incarnation of mother goddess Vindhyawasini. Many others had seen her as mother goddess Kali & others as Vraja Gopi.

She had inborn knowledge of scriptures without even looking at them in life. She even told Gosaiji that she could read the thoughts of others without any effort. Gosaiji in reply reiterated, “When others come to know of you they will run after you likes bees after flowers.” She was initiated by Gosaiji.

Shantisudha was married to another great saint disciple Jagabandhu Moitra. Chanting Haribol Gosaiji danced in ecstasy to see great saints appear in finer body to bless the couple.

Others saw Gosaiji as Madhav (Krishna) and mother Yogmaya as Radha. Disciples brought her beside Gosaiji. Both remained in a state of trance for a long time. Disciples also vigorously danced with Haribol Keertan till both came to external senses.

The able disciple couples along with their children spent their life on “AKASH-VRITTI” alike their Guru without caring for the scarcity of household needs.

Once Gosaiji asked Shantisudha whether she wanted affluence or Phakeeri (renounced life). Shanti immediately replied, “I am a born Phakeer baba”.

Then she quoted from Rishi’s Yogyawalka-“What else have I to do with riches that will not give me immortality?” Gosaiji blessed her Phakeeri while living within household like the ancient Rishis.

Shantisudha showed to the world how even in this age of materialism one can live with reverence depending on God alone for maintenance of household and hermits dependent on her.

Mother Yogmaya had gifted the Gendaria Ashram to Shantisudha where she lived for over 30 years till she breathed her last.

When at Puri Gosaiji left for his immortal abode Shantisudha was far away. She was very sad that she could not see her Guru-father and fell sick.

Gosai ji’s Resurrection:

Gosaiji reappeared before her sick bed and sitting beside her patted on her forehead at midnights for many days and console her.

Shantisudha used to feel his gross healing touch. This was the first resurrection of Gosaiji in person after his demise.

Henceforth she recovered from her illness and spiritual flare started unfolding. She would stay days together in meditation and Samadhi, reading devotional scriptures like Sri Ramcharit, Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita & engaged in Gopal seva. She cooked her meager meal at the end of the day and offering it to Gopalji took it only time in a day.

Saint Saraswati mai of RadhaKunda of Vraja often came to stay with her. They would talk and sing Leela Keertan in Vraja & Hindi language and dance together in rapture for hours in seclusion. Whenever the great singer Rebati Mohan Sen started Keertan, Santisudha would go into deep trance and stay in an unconscious state for hours and with great difficulty she could be brought to external senses by singing “Radha-Radhe” for a long tome.

Once in Gendaria Ashram she had cooked her own meal and was about to take it after offering it to Gopal, a group of 50-60 devotees came untimely due to transport hazard. She was alone and did not have means to prepare more food and yet she fed them sumptuously from her small hidden pot. However this miracle could not be suppressed for long when other residents came back. Although she was shy of showing miracles still such acts overflowed from time to time when she was pressed hard.

One day a co disciple came with a prayer of one Rajendra who was issue less and wanted that his lineage continue. Shanti ma at first refused to show miracles. However after constant prayer she asked the person to perform a “Putreshti-Yogna” as per Atharva Veda’s and recited the Hymns (Mantras) from the Veda. The co disciple took note of the Hymns and went away to Calcutta, purchased a copy of Atharva-Veda and found the Hymns written therein. He was so overwhelmed that he came by return train to ask how she could recite the Hymns so correctly. Shantisudha ma replied,”When you insisted so much I remembered my Guru (Gosaiji) and he gave me the mantra and its source. To the astonishment of all, the prayer was fulfilled after a year of Yogna was completed.

To avoid harassment of this kind she often covered herself with a cloth including the head when she felt that worldly prayer is coming. Still on another occasion a mother came with a heartrending cry to bring back her lost son and held firm her feet. Shanti ma’s heart melted and she spontaneously said that her son was in this far south India at Rameswar-Dham. She even gave the address where her son lived.

It may be said that the weeping mother got back her son at a place thousand miles away from Calcutta.

Shanti Sudha Maa's Role as Sadguru:

Gosaiji’s Guru revered Brahmananda Paramhamsaji asked her to give Deeksha to willing devotees. After getting concurrence from Gosaiji she started giving deeksha to hundreds of devotees who attained very high spiritual level in later age.

A disciple Dr. Navendu Dutta went to England (1939) for higher research work on anthropology and temporarily swayed away in the changed environment and also due to great involvement in research activities. One day he was invited to participate in the Planchet of the atheists. An old lady acting as medium pointed her finger to Dr. Dutta in a gathering of 200 persons and said, “I CAN SEE ONE TALL THIN DARK COMPLEXIONED OLD LADY WITH LONG LIMBS STANDING BEHIND YOU AND GIVING YOU PROTECTION AGAINST ALL DANGERS.” (She had left eating and was emaciated.)

This proves the inter link between Sadguru (or his appointed medium Guru) & the sheltered disciple and throws light on the role of an able Guru in the Indian spiritualism.

Even those who attended her (co disciple alike) reached the highest spiritual platform. Gosaiji’s disciple revered Yamuna Maiji is one such person who after demise of Shantisudha ma, reached such state and was chosen to give Goswami Prabhu’s deeksha. She had nursed heart and soul (along with mother’s daughter-in-law Nirada devi) during mother’s old age.

  In her last days mother Shantisudha often remained immersed in Krishna-Prem (love) and rarely came back to external consciousness.

A fragrance of Sandalwood, flowers often emitted from her body and permeated the whole atmosphere. A substance similar to honey dripped from her matted hair which was tasted by revered saint disciple of Gosaiji Sri Dwarika nath Ray, and declared to be same as honey. Swayed away by a wave of Vraja Bhav Shanti ma relinquished her mortal body in 1943. Many devotees had experienced the luminance of Gosaiji appear to receive her soul.

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