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Seeking Truth

  The wide cross section of saints of different religious and spiritual background with whom Sadguru incarnate Prabhu Bijoy Krishna Goswami interacted was to show the religious aspirants that all paths lead to the same TRUTH. Differences are only in the path. The root cause of all differences slander & bloodshed is due to ignorance & vanity and desire to establish the supremacy of one path over the other and even demolish other paths which do not concur with theirs’. The persons who once had friction with others regarding the path hug each other when they reach the goal.

When a liberated saint is born to be a spiritual guide to show the path of salvation to disciples of the common household class, he has to come down to the level of their thinking & way of life to persuade them that salvation is not only the right of the renunciate but can be reached even by a common man setting himself as an example who has passed through all the phases of spiritual mediocrity and attaining heights in gradual succession. Dynasty where devotional love flows in the bloodstream & who was born & brought up in the lap of a devotee father who left his mortal body under an immense wave of rapture while describing . Born as a Prabhupada, Bijoy Krishna Goswami was destined to become a Sadguru mostly for the salvation of the common man in spite of possessing all the qualities of a born deliverer.

See why I say so-
  • He was born after getting the blessings of Lord Jagannath that he was coming to Swarnamoyee.

  • He was born in a dynasty where enlightenment and devotional-love flows in the blood stream from ages to ages.

  • He was born & reared up in the lap of a great devotee father whose soul winged off for the celestial abode after being swayed away by a wave of immense rapture while describing Sri Krishna Leela from the Bhagwat, never to come back to his mortal body again.

  • Lord Shyam Sunder played with him from his childhood till his last. (Shyam Sunder had said that He himself had broken him from the tradition and rebuilt).

  • He was the person whom Mahaprabhu himself had initiated in his finer body in presence of Adwaitya prabhu & Nityananda prabhu.

  • Even in a different religious society he dominated as Acharya (overwhelmed to see Bijoy Krishna’s intense devotion a founder leader Brahmo Sri Shivnath Shastri had said, “Even by sucking his thumb one can imbibe devotion.”).
When Gosaiji became a Sadguru, he often gave solace to the perturbed disciples’ saying- "I had also passed through the same phase. When I crossed it I can assure you that you will cross this dark phase". These few words at once boosted the morale of the disciples. Then Gosaiji advised how to get rid of it. Rebellious Gosaiji discarded all scriptural dictates that did not conform to his contemporary thoughts and tested those in the laboratory of trial & error over a long span of two decades. As his enlightenment dazzled brighter and brighter, the scriptures one by one appeared before him in luminous words with explanations.

Ultimately Gosaiji declared the following as his life long experience:-

  • Have faith on the path the saints have treaded.

  • All dictates of the scriptures are true.

  • All paths lead to the same Ultimate Truth.

  • The formless attribute less Brahma (God) also advent as human forms with attributes and it is easier to hold the advent form and then transcend to formless “Sat-chit-Ananda Brahma”.

  • Without coming under the shelter of a liberated saint-‘Guru’ it is not possible to attain Nirvana or Prem-Bhakti (exceptions apart).

  • HARI-NAAM-JAPA is the only path for salvation in the present era.

  • Ajapa-naam is the easiest path of surrender to Sadguru which is a prerequisite for salvation.

  • Devotional-Love (Prem Bhakti) is the real source of perennial joy.

Hari-Om-Guru Om Jai Jai Sri Radhey Shyam

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