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Sadguru–Deeksha and God Sri Krishna’s promise to mankind on salvation are concurrent -

The six fold premise of AJAPA Sadhana:
  1. A disciple completely surrenders to the will of Guru.

  2. Guru takes the total charge of the disciples’ spiritual welfare (in and after the life)

  3. Guru breaks all the ties to the storehouse of desires accumulated in past lives (These desires are instrumental to ones recurring births and vicious circle).

  4. Guru imparts his spiritual power into the MANTRA he gives. Repetition of the MANTRA starts spontaneously irrespective of the disciple personal effort (like a power driven vehicle) as the GURU ties the mantra to the breathing rhythm that continues till the last breath.

  5. Guru promises to remain active even after he relinquishes his mortal frame until the last disciple he took charge reaches the state of salvation.

  6. Guru promises to take the charge of the soul (finer body) after the disciple leaves his mortal body and is yet to reach the state of salvation.
This phenomenon needs an explanation – The strong desires with which a soul has manifested as human beings, must conclude right in this life, either by gross fulfillment of the said desires which may remain unfulfilled in this life and spill over to the next life for its situation.

The practice of AJAPA Japa burns the desires, at a faster pace and abates the birth of new desires. It calms the mind and helps to dive into the vast universe within.

However there is no scope of acquiring new desires in the next life.

In Bhagawat Geeta Lord Krishna’s last commune to Arjuna (vide –18th chapter/ 66verse)


- Leave aside all aforesaid yogic practices and come under MY (God incarnate KRISHNA’S) shelter. I shall cleanse you of all your desires and sins (responsible for your numerous rebirths) and give you salvation. You need not worry (if you surrender to ME).

” Sadguru’s Deeksha (initiation) is a translation of this stanza in practice.
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