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Disciple: Why do we find disparity in the quality of life?
  Sadguru: It can only be explained by the philosophy of evolution of soul through numerous rebirths. The ancient saints of India have said that the gross body that a soul accepts as his temporary abode is comparable to the clothes that a human being wears. When the clothes are worn out he throws it away and wears a new one. Similarly when the gross body becomes unfit to accomplish & materialize the desires of the soul, HE relinquishes it and accepts a new gross body. In the process of fulfillment of the unquenched desires of the past life he acquires new desires often more refined in nature. So he assumes a new gross body. Thus the vicious circle goes on and on and the variation in the quality of desires is the cause of disparity in the quality of life around us.

Disciple: If a work done for fulfillment of a desire gives birth to another desire then how can a soul reach a desirous state?

Sadguru: We have said that the “desires” gradually become refined e.g. - The hunters left jungles and became agrarians and lived in villages and made their own laws for peaceful living. With trade and commerce, arts, came towns and civilized people followed civic rules not only by policing alone but out of self imposed virtuosity called - NITEE. The impelling force that works behind is the refinement of “desires” in gradual succession. Evolution continued through innumerable births. Not being satisfied with the “desired” achievements by external means alone, he looks inward to explore the immense psychic power to complement the deficient external efforts to fulfill his “desires” for personal and socio cultural upliftment (DHARMA). Henceforth the “desire” for inner gaze starts under a Guru’s guidance that gives the great experience – the existence of only one power that exists within as well as in this universe (BRAHMA-GNYAN). With a strong “desire” he further thrives for unification (YOGA) of infinitesimal power with the supreme power that may lead to complete merger with that eternal power when the desires melt (NIRVANA) the “desire” retained to relish the eternal play of that power as manifest forms (LEELA)

Thus the positive progressions of a soul ascending through the five fold path are
  • Nitee (follow civic rules for social & personal welfare, virtuosity).

  • Dharma (develop psychic powers for personal and social welfare).

  • Gnyan (enlightenment under a Guru- existence of one Brahma and nothing else).

  • Yoga (union of soul and the super soul- merge or germination of devotion).

  • Leela (enjoy God’s play with His own manifest forms) out of devotion.
Similarly the negative degradation of a soul descending down is also there. Such as- anti socials of various degrees, dharma utilized for black art and antisocial activities, communication with evil spirit and enjoys play with satanic powers. So you see that (by combination and permutation) the world is full of diversities. A soul may ascend or descend according to his deeds. Disciple: What happens to the soul that has descended down for its misdeeds? Is he doomed forever? Sadguru: No, the soul is never doomed forever. The soul descends to be purified and again come back to the ascending path of evolution. A soul who assumes a degraded gross body remembers subconsciously the cause of his degradation and posses a desire to come out of the wrong deeds that resulted in his fall. At one stage of his life the sense of guilt pricks his consciousness and purification starts. The sense of guilt is less evident in souls who are on the path of ascend and not fallen from a higher level.

Disciple: Apart from belief is there any means to prove the rebirth of soul?

Sadguru: Why not! There are numerous proofs seen in our life. A spiritual aspirant in the process of his Sadhana (penance) gets vision of his past lives. Those who are curious enough to verify have visited those places and ascertained it. I personally have seen such a place at Gaya where I was a Ramayat Sadhu in my previous birth & engraved a word on the trunk of a tree which grew larger with that engraves. Some people also possess natural power to describe vividly about their past life which have enquired by others and found to be correct. (Posthumous memory is considered as science now).
My disciple------------“a prodigy from his childhood possessed supernatural power. He discussed complex scriptural topics with learned intellectuals for hours. This power had to be withdrawn for his spiritual upliftment. (Shovama was another prodigious child of the same genre). These are outcome of intense study in the past lives often recollected in early life that fades with years.

Disciple: it is difficult to understand how the memory of the past life is transferred into the brain cells of the present gross body*.

Sadguru: The spirit after he leaves the gross body, is reconstituted with his ‘I’ ness (ego) mind and its associates –the finer sensual organs (visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile and taste) and wisdom & knowledge and fulfilled desires of the past life. This is called the finer body. Only he lacks the instrument i.e. – a gross body to work out his desires and communicate with the external world. The gross body is only an instrument through which the psychic powers of the finer body work.
My Gurudev Brahmananda Paramhansaji had quenched my doubts by leaving his gross body in front of me and entering into a dead body brought for cremation. As the other persons went aside for some ritualistic functions, the dead body woke up as if from a slumber and answered our questions. As soon as Paramhansaji’s finer body came out of the dead body and entered into his own gross body, the dead body remained as inert object till it was incarnated.

Disciple: That is why our Sadhana is steered towards destruction of this finer body, the root cause of our bondage.

Sadguru: Yes my child. Now you understand why Siddhartha after gaining Bodhi (enlightenment) had proclaimed, “Oh, now I have found out the culprit who from his hiding causes my recurring births and deaths. Oh, Vasana (desires) I have now uprooted you together with your hiding place- its roof, its pillars and the foundation all together. You can no more deceive me. I have attained NIRVANA.”

Disciple: But the traders on the path of devotional- love, even after reaching the state of NIRVANA, prefer to come back again and again to participate and enjoy the play of God and his associates. Are they not scared of getting entangled in the process of coming and going?

Sadguru: No, not at all. They have surrendered to the will of God like the moving dolls with strings in the hands of the player. Once liberated, there is a little chance of getting entangled. If ever a devotee seems to get entangled, God immediately calls him back because God has promised to protect his devotees from a fall.

Disciple: yes, we the sheltered ones under Sadguru are safe for that reason.

* The disciple was none but the revered Kuladananda Brahmachari who in his later age had himself acquired the same power which he doubled earlier.

It is like television set receiving electromagnetic waves and translating those into audio-visual.

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