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Ramayat Saint Raghuwar Das Baba

Ramayat Saint Raghuwar Das Baba & Revered Bijoy Krishna Goswami
  Raghuwar Das baba was a very kind hearted saint although he had acquired great spiritual powers. He had his hermitage at the mid hill of Akash Ganga at Gaya. He could feed hundreds of saints and pilgrims with a small quantity of food prepared for a dozen of inmates. By Mahavir’s blessings & his intuition he struck a spot on the hill top and when the stone cover was removed a stream of pure water came out as a waterfall that solved the water crisis of the area. He used to feed tigers. They behaved as tamed dogs. Once he was beaten severely but he refused to divulge the names of the culprits saying God has done this to teach me a lesson. He had reached such a state of nonviolence. When Acharya Bijoy Krishna was frantically searching his Sadguru, the compassionate Raghuwardasji fondly brought him to his hermit and asked him to stay as long as he wanted to stay at Gaya. Goswamiji along with his companion stayed for quite sometime. The early dawn prayer songs by Raghuwar baba were so enchanting that he joined in the prayer song and learnt some of them. From here Goswamiji visited Gambheernathji and other saints.

He used to meditate on different hill tops in the solitude. One day while he was meditating on the top of the same Akash Ganga hill his revered Guru whom he searched for so long appeared by pulling Gosaiji on his lap. He felt the touch not that of a living human being. As soon as he heard the Mantra he fainted. When he came to external sense he felt heavily intoxicated. The saint had disappeared. With great difficulty he climbed down the few steps and again fainted on the flat rock in front of the hermitage of Baba Raghuwardasji. He remained in a semi unconscious state for eleven days. Gosaiji said-“During this juncture kind hearted saint Raghuwardas baba did all his best to save my life. He loved me very much.

Gosaiji was engrossed in AJAPA-NAAM-SADHAN for sometimes on the instruction of his Guru who appeared before him from time to time. Raghuwardasji looked after all his day to day needs and caressed him like a parent. For that reason Gosaiji could devote full time in NAAM-JAPA.

It may be mentioned here that revered Kuladananda Brahmachari (Gosaiji’s beloved disciple) spent many years in NAAM-SADHAN and penance in the hermitage of Raghuwardas baba after he left his gross body and attained his utmost success right from here. A saint disciple of revered Darbeshji also spent forty years in this hermitage till he left his gross body.

For the devotees of Sadguru Gosaiji the Akash Ganga hill top including the hermitage are places of pilgrimage.

The celebration date of initiation (New birth) of the liberator “Sadguru incarnate” coincides with that of the liberator “Son of God” and a great gathering takes place on the 25th December at Akash Ganga hill every year.
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