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"Pre Condition for Incessant Prayer”:-

  There are some rules that need to followed very strictly if one wants to practice this sadhana. These are some rules related to food habits.

How the Food we intake influences our mind and AJAPA JAPA (Sadhana):
  It has been researched and said by a lot spiritual leaders, “We are what we eat.” Hence, the intake of the kind of food also affects our body, mind and thought process. Food is mostly responsible for stimulation of the mind (MANA). The gross food, which we in take through our mouth to sustain our gross body. Experience reinforced by religious scripture says food can be divided into three basic kinds depending on the nature of activities of the body and mind.

They are :–

  1. SATWIK food (Soothing food) - Easy to digest, not leading to high energy but enough to sustain the body involved in only light physical work but promote great concentration of the mind. Pure vegetarian food (low in fat, protein and also low in carbohydrate) rich in vitamins, minerals - fruits, green vegetables, cereals, skimmed milk, etc. are the main examples of SATWIK food. For a person following AJAPA sadhana Satwik food is compulsory and he has to refrain from having any non vegetarian food or Hard drinks (liquor in any form). Also they have to refrain any food with onions.

  2. RAJASIK Food (Stimulating Food) - Rich food, high energy yield & body building elements, demanding hard physical work to assimilate, increase mental stimuli (restlessness, arrogance, lust, ego, worldly ambitions etc.). Hard drinks, non-vegetarian food, whole milk, nuts, cereals, etc.

  3. TAMASIK food (Lethargy & ignorance inducing food) - Low nutrition value junk food, stale food and drinks intoxicating and seducing food, drinks and drugs. Leading to slothness of the psycho-somatic system and illusion.
Transmission of aura (BHAV): Aura of a person is transmitted by eating together, eating leftovers of others, eating food prepared by a person of adverse character. Avoid such eating / drinking habits to retain your personal aura. “SATWIK” food purifies body and mind. The pure body and mind are conducive of sustained concentration and focus required for spiritual pursuit.

“SATWIK” food (gross food) helps to control other organs (channels) as well – Eyes to refrain from looking at scenes that may intoxicate the mind, ears to listen spiritually uplifting talks, songs and refrain from hearing talks which are about speaking ill of others, nose to smell mentally soothing fragrances only and avoid intoxicating ones and so on.

Therefore, the basic food that we eat and drink should be carefully selected.

Some facts about the AJAPA JAPA (or Sadhana) and how it works on our body:

There are a few other do’s and don’ts which have been explained below that may help the seeker of devotion to concentrate on the AJAPA Japa.

The purpose of all these do’s and don’ts is to tranquilize ones roaming mind. The objective is drive the tranquil mind towards the inhalation and exhalation of breaths and watch the power impregnated “NAAM” follow the rhythm of your breathing.

Gradually, while practicing NAAM everyday, the long cherished moment comes when the breathing movement of the life sustaining “bio-chemical electric Current” (PRAN-VAYU) that moves up & down within the spinal-cord come into realization.

All efforts to bring back the truant mind (mana) to the synchronized rhythms of breathing and NAAM, are over by now. The sensation of existence of PRAN-VAYU (electric current) and its movement up and down within the spinal cord itself draws the attention of the mind becomes an obstinate observation like a bee on the nectar of a flower. Gradually the mind sinks and the inner consciousness awakens.

The inner journey begins from here. The doors of the inner vast universe starts unfolding one by one.

Hence forth the pilgrim’s progress with firm foot steps on his solitary path continues unabated till the goal is achieved.
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