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Sadguru Bijoykrishan Goswami's course of life is a live-demonstration to a common man to show how a novice seeker of truth progress in gradual succession. His life is a source of encouragement to a common seeker.

A non commercial site launched with the sole intension share with all seekers and believers, irrespective of there religious belief, faith, sect and creed, a pure joy of going through the life of a seeker who by practice demonstrated how to start from a scratch and gradually reach the highest state of Sainthood.

The second phase that is his divine life as Sadguru- the deliverer, is related to intercommunication with the Supreme and is beyond the domain of our discussion. Only the external expression and manifestation of the Sadguru have been discussed in short which is just like the tip of an iceberg.

We do not believe on propaganda nor in promotion of a specific school of thought. To get Sadguru deeksha means to throw oneself to be annihilated and beyond that get prem bhakti and that too is available to only those (irrespective of ones high and low spiritual stratum) whom Sadguru picks up and gives Sadguru deeksha. Infusion of power to mantra is the crux only to be done by Sadguru Gosaiji and none else. All those who give deeksha are his medium. As such it is futile to attempt to increase the number the followers.

That is why Gosaiji himself and his direct disciples too had abhorrence towards propaganda. We too follow his path but at the same time want to dispel the wrong notion of those who are in the dark, who do not hesitate to throw a rash comments as-"…. a salaried priest of the Brahmosamaj". Bijoykrishna left the job and engaged himself in spiritual pursuit on behest of Sri Ramkrishna – that’s all as the only identity of a super soul whom all saints of India remember with reverence.

Dear reader, kindly think – why should a person who from his childhood had frequently talked, played and done many "Leela" with Sri Shyam Sundar, indulge himself in penance, pursue the path of knowledge, pass through darkness of the soul, cry for God's light, being disillusioned and defeated by independent effort take shelter of Guru and then get enlightened and get prem bhakti and find sri Radha Shyam Sunder smiling within the heart and immerse in "Leela darshan" and declare Krishna prem as the culmination of all sadhanas– a return to the same point from where he started?!

Lord ShyamSundar himself said – "Yes, I broke you and rebuilt again. Don’t you know how it glitters when an old gold ornament is remodeled?"

Let us go through his biography and see for our self that all the activities were nothing but a painstakingly arranged live-demonstration of a born deliverer to teach and encourage the novice seekers.

---- Das Brajeswarananda ----

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