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Hindu Sannyasi from Mechhuabazar

Hindu Sannyasi from Mechhuabazar & Acharya Bijoy Krishna
  While Bijoy Krishna Goswami was the Acharya (head preacher) of Brahmo Samaj he opened the doors of the Samaj to saints and devotees of different sects. He had invited a renunciate Sannyasi to attend the mass prayer of the Samaj. The Sannyasi attended the prayer conducted by Acharya Bijoy Krishna.

After the function was over Bijoy Krishna met the saint and enquired about his opinion. The saint said it was very good that the formless Brahma is worshipped here which is the base of our Upanishad (ancient scriptures).

Acharya Goswami then said, “I get occasional glimpse of the “Ananda (rapture) but does not stay longer. What should be done to make the Ananda everlasting?” The saint advised him to contact his Guru as he was the best person to guide him.

Acharya replied that the Brahmo dictums do not believe in Guru in a human form. Hearing so the Sannyasi said, “How can one progress on the unknown path of Spiritualism, without the guidance of a liberated soul. It will be like pondering in the darkness. It is astonishing that a religious Samaj is standing without a foundation. That is why being a pure soul and an Acharya of the Brahmo Samaj you have stagnated. If you really want salvation leave the Samaj and come under the shelter of a liberated Guru”.

Acharya Bijoy Krishna prayed to the Sannyasi to make him his disciple, but the Sannyasi said- A spiritual Guru for all aspirants is fixed. I am not entitled for that. Your Guru is waiting for you.

The Sannyasi departed. The whole thought process of the Acharya got a jolt. His nature was to put his utmost effort for the cause he believed as truth. The resounding words of the Sannyasi haunted him- “Take shelter of a Guru if you really want salvation.”
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