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Vaishnav Shiromani Gourkishore das

Vaishnav Shiromani GourKishore das (Paramhamsha) & Sadguru Gosaiji

When Gosaiji was in Vrindavan he used to frequently pay a visit to revered saint Gour Shiromaniji. He often said- Shiromaniji is the personification of Mahaprabhu’s verse – “Be Iower than the grass, be tolerant as a tree, avoid self praise but praise others (then it is possible to) repeat Hari naam incessantly.” Whenever Shiromaniji treaded on the streets of Vrindavan he would prostrate on the ground wherever he came across a living being – be it a cat, monkey, cow, a woman or a man or an idol and that too with equal reverence. Nobody could prostrate before him. He would shrink his feet immediately. It was astonishing that even in his sleep he changed the direction of his feet when Sridhar prostrated before his feet. He was a great scholar of ancient scriptures.

Once he was ridiculed for his scholarship as devoid of devotional insight. He at once left Vrindavan after getting initiated from Chaitanya das baba (discussed earlier). He later developed an insight of finding out a positive aspect in all unpleasant events.

When Gosaiji came to Vrindavan for the first time, the head priest of Govindaji wanted to insult him for his joining Brahmo Samaj previously but when he was threatened by Niisimha dev in his dream for his ill intention the frightened priest sought advice from Sri Gour Shiromaniji. Sri Shiromaniji asked him to immediately go to Gosaiji and confess his ill intentions and get rid of the sins. The priest did the same and greeted Gosaiji with reverence at Govindji’s temple. One early morning when Gosaiji was in the lavatory, he heard a Sankeertan group passing through the road chanting “Hari naam” loudly. Gosaiji immediately jumped up and joined the group in ecstasy. When the Sankeertan ended at Shiromaniji’s residence, he took Prasad from his hands and came back home.

Then he remembered that he joined the chanting directly from the lavatory without getting clean. He then got cleansed, took a bath changed his clothes and rushed to Sri Shiromaniji’s residence. He confessed his unintentional fault and asked for its remedy if any.

Hearing him Shiromaniji’s eyes became moist and he lovingly said-Prabhu! The intense love for God’s name that makes one forget his body sense is a rare gift of God. You are great! Now I understand why Mahaprabhu had sent you to Brahmo Samaj. It has not been wasted. Without Brahma- Gnyan (knowledge of one God) one does not get entry into devotion and love (of duality).

On another occasion when Gosaiji marked his forehead (Tilak) with the signs from different religions, Shiromaniji requested him to refrain from doing so because what a great man does today the world does it tomorrow. Your Tilak will generate a new sect which is against your wish. The next day Prabhu Adwaityacharya appeared before Gosaiji and instructed him to follow the Tilak marked on his forehead.
When Shiromaniji saw it and heard that Prabhu Adwaitya had asked him to do so he started weeping profusely and prostrated at Gosaiji saying “Prabhu can do anything for his beloved son. That was exactly how Adwaitya Prabhu used to mark the Tilak on his forehead.”

Gosaiji further said- One day Shiromaniji invited the Vaishnav’s of Vrindavan for Prasad (lunch) along with a great saint once revered but presently deserted for an affair with a woman. When all were called to take their seat for Prasad all of them refused to sit in a row with the fallen person.

Shiromaniji started weeping. He said, “Do not be so cruel to us. We know that nothing happens in this world without the will of God. We are instruments in His hand. This great saint has been chosen by God to set an example to the other Vaishnav’s that the saint society deserts even a revered saint like him for a single mistake inspite of his repentance thereafter.

You should also desert me because I had committed numerous sins in my youth. He started narrating the misdeeds of his early life one after the other. The Vaishnavs put fingers on to their ears and prostrated at his feet requested him not to tell any more. They embraced the outcaste saint and sat in a row to take Prasad together. They understood that there is nothing to boast of one’s virtuosity. Gosaiji said, “This is the actual state of Paramhamsa* whereby the vision becomes clear to see the good aspect of any act of the all merciful God, accomplished through his instruments i.e. created world.

*A “Hamsa” means a gander. It is said that a ‘hamsa’ can take out his sauce out of the muddy and
filthy water, so is a spiritual person who has reached the state of “Paramhamsa” i.e. Supreme

Gander. He can see benevolence of God in all worldly deeds - good or bad.
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