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Gosaiji with Muslim Faqueers

Sadguru Gosaiji with Muslim Faqueers
  When Brahmo Acharya Bijoy Krishna was at Gaya in search of his Guru he often used to go to a Muslim Faqueer who lived in a lonely dilapidated Masjid in a dense forest. They used to discuss the similarities in Upanishad’s Adwaitya concept (existence of one Brahma) and the Muslim concept of “La Illah il Allah” (There is none but Allah).

One day when Goswamiji went to his abode he found the Faqueer Saheb lying on the floor with eyes closed so he came back. After two or three days when he went to see him, he was found lying in the same position but the body was full of maggot like worms. But the Faqueer was not dead. When a Muslim devotee came to see him he was overwhelmed and tried to remove the worms. Blood started oozing out from those points. The Faqueer in great pain cried and asked the devotee to put the worms in the same position.

After a week Gosaiji went to see his condition. He found the Faqueer Saheb was strolling on the corridor. Smilingly he greeted Gosaiji, Gosaiji was astonished to find the Faqueer Saheb a totally changed man. His skin was glowing and tender like a teenage.

Few days later he went away.

Gosaiji said that it was a secret method of “Kayakalpa” (rejuvenation) by which some Yogis increase their longevity stamina and rejuvenate in appearance. A two hundred years old person may look like a 25 years youth. This helps them to overcome the limitations of old age and carry on their penance vigorously.

Gosaiji accompanied by Mahendra Nath Mitra, Sri Dhar and Rebati Mohan Sen went to see a Muslim saint at the crossing of Mirzafur street and Circular Road at Calcutta. Gosaiji prostrated on the ground in front of the saint along with his disciples. After some time the Faqueer Saheb said- “As the sound utter inside this Masjid echoes similarly this universe is an of Allah’s utterance. Both are the same”….. Gosaiji later said the Faqueer Saheb was a Great Gnyani (enlightened one). The ancient Vedas also say that God wished to infinitely extend Himself and utter “OM” (the Anaahat Naad) and the Universe was created. See, except the illusionists, all say that God and his creation both are true only the creation is a transient truth, as the Faqueer Saheb said- “the echo” that dies out after a short time but the creator is everlasting.

A Faqueer often came to see Gosaiji when he stayed in the city. “Other disciples know him to be a great saint but I saw him for the first time”- said Kuladananda Brahmachariji. The Faqueer communicated only with gestures and finger movements to which Gosaiji also responded. Others said the gestures carried great meanings. With an inquisitive mind I followed the saint when he took leave.

At first the saint walked slowly along the busy streets but as he sensed me following him he started moving with long treads. I saw his feet a few inches above the ground! He was moving so fast that I could not follow him and suddenly disappeared in the crowd. At Dhucca’s Gendaria hermitage many Faqueers used to come to see Gosaiji and discuss behind closed doors. One midnight Kuladanandaji was coming out of his cottage for some purpose. Gosaiji from his cottage shouted not to come out, a Faqueer Saheb was coming to him on a tiger’s back. It was a pitch dark night so he could not see anything as he piped out. He could not sleep that night. In the dawn before anybody got up he came out into the courtyard and found tiger’s footprint to and fro.

He asked Gosaiji as to why the Faqueer chose such an unusual ride? Gosaiji said- to scarce away the crowd that disturbed in his penance. That’s why he always moved in the dark night. The ferocious animals behaved as tamed animals in front of non-violent saints but it may behave in its natural way if it confronted a person who has not attained complete non-violence. That’s why you were asked to stay in.

“Can’t we see them?” enquired Kuladanandaji. “Yes”, said Gosaiji, “only if they desired to come to your sight”.
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