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Gosai Ji and Shiva Tailanga Swami

The enlightened moving Shiva Tailanga Swami & Brahmo Acharya Bijoy Krishna Goswami
  Bijoy Krishna met revered Tailanga Swami at Kashi (Benaras). Swamiji was above 200 years in age and had a huge stature. He followed the Swami wherever he went. One day he saw him sprinkling foul water on the idol of mother Kali and saying “Gangodakam” (water of Ganges- the deliverer of sins)!

Bijoy Krishna born in the lineage of puritans could not stand it and asked Tailanga Swami as to what was he doing?

Swamiji’s one word answer-“Worship”.

Bijoy asked again – What could be the result of such worship?

Swamiji’s crisp answer- Dwell in infinite Hell.

Bijoy Krishna realized the inner meaning of his saying. He himself was practicing “Brahma Gnyan”- The existence of only God (Brahma) and nothing else & duality is nothing but illusion. Swamiji demonstrated what actually Brahma Gnyan means-i.e. the absence of duality in foul water and water of Ganges and in heaven and hell.

Swamiji wanted to initiate Bijoy but he refused it saying that he is unable to accept anything given in impious state. Swamiji laughingly lifted Bijoy Krishna and threw him in the Ganges saying- well, I will do it in the righteous way. Bijoy was astonished to see that the saint lifted ‘his’ massive body like that of a child. When Bijoy Krishna came out in wet clothes the saint also took a dip. Then he said, “Listen my child, I am not the Sadguru you are searching for but I have to give you the Mantras on the direction of Lord Shiva. He gave Bijoy three Mantras- One for regular repetition, the second for remembrance when he was in trouble & the third, to the astonishment of Bijoy was the sami”Kula-Mantra” (ancestral mantras that flows from generation to generation) to which he was initiated by his mother in his childhood and also given by Mahaprabhu in trance.

The first mantra was to expeditiously bring him to his Sadguru and the third to increase devotion for their family deity Lord Shyam-Sunder (Krishna’s other name).

It is noteworthy that Lord Shiva through the Swamiji reminded the “Krishna- Mantra” to Bijoy Krishna which he had given long time ago when he joined the path of Brahma-Gnyan (pure knowledge) in Brahmo-Samaj. This may be the indication of coming back to Bhakti (devotional) cult after passing through the phase of knowledge.

Acharya Bijoy Krishna went back to Calcutta to join the duties of Brahmo preacher but the burning desire to get the shelter of Sadguru.
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