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Sadguru Bijoy Krishana Goswami Goes to Jagannath Puri
(A Holy City in India)

Some Key Incidents Narrated:
  Now let us come to the point why this event is highlighted When god liberates a soul and makes him compassionate at the same time, he works for the welfare of mankind tirelessly till he breathes his last. He not only works for salvation of the desirous but also to alleviate the distresses of the common mass as well as lesser creatures without discrimination. He considers selfless service as worship of God in numerous forms around him.

At Jagannath Puri a burning example of compassion of Sadguru outshined all other records when Gosaiji delivered the sins of a degraded criminal named Chandra Kanta Dutta. A compassionate glance of savior Gosaiji turned a street builder into a revered idol. Chandra Kanta did not get any formal education in his childhood. Possessing a strong body devoid of mortality, he indulged himself in all sorts of anti-social and immoral activities such as rampant blunder, murder, rape, torture of opponents, lodges false cases, burning hutments and what not! He led a gang of fifty odd goons hired by tyrant landlords.
One such landlord banished his son Lalit for taking Sadguru’s initiation from Gosaiji. Out of curiosity ChandraKanta met the said Lalit (whom his employer landlord had deserted) to enquire as to what precious gem did he get from Gosaiji in place of the huge property he relinquished. He was fortunate enough to find Gosaiji himself in that house. At the first glance of Sadguru, ChandraKanta became stupefied and when he heard that he is standing in front of the benevolent deliverer of sins, he was taken aback and started weeping. However he could not stand face to face but the words-“A deliverer of sins” started haunting him. Lalit advised him to repeat the following-“Gosaiji save me….Gosaiji save me” constantly. Chandrakanta started repeating the same and resolved to refrain from taking non-vegetarian food and hard drinks and also avoid misdeeds. After some months he came to Gosaiji and in tears confessed all his misdeeds one by one. He fell at his feet and lamented if there was any way out for a downtrodden person like him. Gosaiji said, "I am sent by God to serve the downtrodden sinners, have faith on God and wait for the opportune moment. A single flash of torch is enough to remove a thousand years’ darkness".

The words of Gosaiji resonated in his heart and when Gosaiji was in Puri Chandrakanta got initiated in”Ajapa Sadhan”. It may be noted that despite the stiff resistance from all quarters, the two compassionate hearts who helped Chandrakanta reach Gosaiji were Durga.M.Pandit and Kuladananda Brahmachari who later became the torch bearers of Gosaiji. Chandrakanta out of a burning repentance went from door to door and fall at the feet of all those who were tormented by him. He fell at feet of the Muslim lady who had secretly offered him the railway fare to Puri as he had left the foul means of earning and became a pauper. As a renunciate he spent the last part of his life In Gosaiji’s Samadhi temple at Puri. The photograph shows how a savior transformed a rogue into a renunciate devotee. An ever compassionate Gosaiji found that the stray cows, dogs and birds of Puri roaming around in thirst. He felt their pain in his heart and arranged for tub on the street. This also created hue and cry among some shop owners. They complained to the Municipal chairman who came to an inspection and found cows and birds drinking. He saluted Gosaiji and gave a standing permission to put as many tubs as he wanted. The Municipality had started shooting down monkeys rampantly at nights to save the city dwellers from their mischief. One day a leader monkey came to Gosaiji and started lamenting in wail to save their lives. Gosaiji’s heart melted. On enquiry he found that it was true. He wrote a letter in protest but it was ignored. He was not a person to stop. He asked his learned disciples to write in newspapers all over India in protest against this cruelty. He went up to the governor of east India who ultimately ordered to stop killing of monkeys and find out a different way instead. Gosaiji said he did it on command of Lord Jagannath. Monkeys started pouring in from different parts of the country. The local shop owners offered their commodities (clothes, linen, utensils etc) on loan to be repaid at will. Thousands of needy persons lined up daily in this “bestowal oblation”. Gosaiji had said that he would leave Puri as soon as all the loans are repaid.

Patta Duri: A special quality golden jute rope is used to fasten around Lord Balaram and Jagannath during Rath Yatra. It used to come from Bengal. Mahaprabhu’s disciple Ramanada Basu took charge of supplying the costly rope at the time of Rath Yatra. For centuries this supply continued ceremoniously until the direct lineage of Basu’s came to extinction. The daughters’ lineage did not continue it longer. Goswami Prabhu came to know of it and asked his disciple Haridas Basu who was in Ramananda’s lineage to resume the supply of rope almost after a gap of 200 years. A panda started making a profit out of it. Gosaiji stopped this misdeed and the panda turned into an enemy.

Bestowment of utilities: Another great deed of Gosaiji in Puri was giving away in cash and kind as alms to the needy persons worth one lakh rupees (compare the value one century later). It is beyond our imagination how a renunciate, without a saving, could afford to spend the huge amount and repay the loans incurred thereby. It reminds of a similar selfless work accomplished by Gosaiji’s disciple (in the third generation) Swami Asimananda Saraswati when a devastating famine struck Bengal (known in history as Bengal famine) in the year 1943. The great business magnets did not dare to go into the interior villages to distribute food grains anticipating looting and attack on the distributors. The renunciate Swamiji singlehandedly ventured to feed his area. His Guru Sri Sri Darbeshji had told him that if he could give away all his and his family’s belongings and stand naked for the nobler cause then money will pour like a clod burst from heaven. Swamiji was abided by his Guruji’s instruction. He had to face a last trial i.e. to stand under the sky as shelter. One day there was no fuel to cook the huge amount of rice porridge. He ordered his associates to pull down the thatched roof of his room. When the reluctant associates with tearful eyes were about to dismantle the thatches, the saint succeeded in his trial. A cart full of fuel came from an unknown donor. Henceforth he never had to look back. It was found that ten quintals of rice was cooked everyday for four months, five hundred famine patients were treated and four thousands clothes distributed. Only five persons died of overeating.

Lord Shiva’s drinking the venom to save the world from disaster represents the sacrifice of Messiah’s on the altar of opponent’s arrogance. At Jagannath Puri the compassionate activities of Gosaiji generated sharp reaction in a few self interested individuals. One day most of the disciples had gone out to take a dip in the sea. A priest whose popularity was eroding after Gosaiji came to Puri became an enemy. He was known to Gosaiji. He managed to slip in and offer Gosaiji some sweets mixed with poison. He told that it was Lord Jagannath’s “Prasad”. He quoted from scriptures that Prasad must be taken as soon as it is offered. Gosaiji understood it as the call of Jagannath. He took it as pretence to show respect to scripture and fell unconscious for some time but he neither divulged the name of the culprit, lest he was prosecuted, nor he allowed any medical treatment for relief. However God did not forgive the sinner. His family was ruined shortly thereafter- friends deserted, household gutted by fire and the family members died of cholera. He alone was spared to be rooted further.

Disciples expected that Gosaiji would get rid of the poison as he had recovered in a previous case. There are numerous instances where great Messiahs exhibited miracles to save the followers as well as themselves from inevitable perish but when they determined to leave the mortal body they accepted a small cause as a pretence. Lord Ram banished his dear brother and in that agony jumped into the river Sarayu while Lord Krishna allowed a hunter to shoot an arrow beneath His feet, - Lord Buddha allowed a rolling boulder to crush his feet, Jesus Christ predicted that his close associate would be instrumental in his crucification and yet did not try to evade. In our era Sri Ramdas Kathia Baba was poisoned and he asked the culprit to flee to avoid arrest and torture. Gosaiji’s mother had many times asked him not to go to Puri. She used to warn his disciples that ‘Bijoy’ had come from Lord Jagannath and would merge in Him if he goes to Puri. Her earnest submission was that at least ‘Bijoy’ must not go to Puri before her death. Her prediction proved to be true. On the 5th of June 1899, exactly one month later and the day after the last debt of the bestowal ceremony was cleared, Gosaiji left his mortal frame and merged into Lord Jagannath where from 58 years ago he advent as the savior Sadguru. On the north bank of Narendra Sarovar, the lake where Lord Madan Mohan (Jagannath) takes a joy boating and Mahaprabhu used to listen to the devotional scriptures,” The Bhagwat”, Gosaiji in premonition had a vision of a white temple and shown it to some of his associates. The vision was translated into a physical form when a white temple was built on the holy scripture of the mortal remains of Gosaiji. It is known as “JatiyaBaba’s Math”, the name given to Gosaiji out of love, by the local devotees which mean “The Matted Hair Saint’s Hermitage”. A miracle occurred a few months after the burial. The image of Gosaiji was seen printed on the surface of the sepulture under which Gosaiji’s body was laid to rest. It followed the same posture as he was laid (refer photograph).

Both Mahaprabhu Sri Krishna Chaitanya and four hundred years later Prabhu Bijoy Krishna Goswami were born in Nadia district, both were initiated at Gaya, both remained without sleep for the last 12 years, both of them danced indomitably and wept profusely in rapture and both of them rested forever at Puri. It is said that the incomplete work of salvation of mankind initiated by Mahaprabhu is being carried by Gosaiji. He said, “I have planted the seeds in my disciples that will grow into a giant Banyan tree slowly spreading its roots and shoots unnoticed and provide shade and shelter to the souls burning in the scorching heat of the sun. It will continue for 500 years and then after I will come back again till all those whoever heard Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Keertan is liberated from the worldly bondage and dance in the name of God.” We hear an echo of Lord Sri Krishna in Bhagwat Geeta in the aforesaid words of Sadguru Sri Bijoy Krishna Goswami. It may be mentioned here that Sadguru advents in human form but does not disappear. It is only the physical frame in which he incarnate disappears. He resurrects in a finer body and all those whose third eye has opened can see him, talk to him and get direction, protection, affection and solace whenever needed. He leave physical signs of his presence during prayer, loud chanting and meditation; hundreds have the holy opportunity to observe the physical signs on food offered to him which are beyond the explanation of one’s intellect. Whenever Sadguru Bijoy Krishna Goswami will advent in future, the external feature will remain the same-Massive body, bulging belly, huge mass of matted hair, beards, copper complexion, ochre robes and holding staff and bowl, bare-footed, bare body always gazing inward and all- compassionate, the name may be different .

**PRABHU NITYANANDA (Mahaprabhu Sri Krishna Chaitanya’s right hand) born in the year 1520 A.D is known as the incarnation of SRI-BALARAM (Sri Krishna’s elder brother) and SESH-NAG on whose lap bhagwan Mahavishnu rests. A common attribute of the trio is relentless awakening for the service of his lord.

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