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Vaishnava Saint Chaitanyadasji

Vaishnava Saint Chaitanyadasji & Brahmo Acharya Bijoy Krishna Goswami:

While Bijoy Krishna was a young preacher of Brahmo Samaj, he went to Nabadweep to see a Vaishnava saint Sri Chaitanya das baba. Bijoy put forth his cherished question- “How to get devotional love?” immediately on hearing the question the saint got aroused in ecstasy. His hair roots stood erect, tears rolled down and the body started trembling. With a resonant voice he started repeating the following words- You ask me how to get devotional love! You ask me?! Devotional love is your household property and you ask how to get it?! He went into trance for some time. After coming to senses revered babaji prostrated in front of Bijoy requesting him to bless him so that he could be as bond free as him saying “Without leaving aside the bondage of “ism” one can not get devotional love for God.

He further said, “In whatever attire you may be moving around now, I see the signs of Vaishnava, the Kanthi-(the basil beads on the neck) and Tilak-(the sandal paste marks on the forehead) on you.

The saint again went into trance with wide open affixed.
Bijoy Krishna with moist eyes came back. Twenty years later as Sadguru Gosaiji he would often recall fondly the forecast of Baba Chaitanyadas and say that when he visited babaji he was a babu- neatly shaved beard, combed hair & dressed in shirt, coat, dhoti and shinning shoes. A staunch protestant Brahmo, I never imagined that day I shall really have to wear Tilak, and garlands of beads in future.

Gosaiji said that the occult powers that a Yogi gets after long years of cultivation spontaneously accumulate in devotee without any effort, although a devotee rarely uses them in public.

Sri Chaitanya das baba’s forecast in an exalted state is a burning example of my statement.
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