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Gosaiji's Interaction with Other saints

Buddhist Lama Yogi and Brahmo Acharya Bijoy Krishna
  After the departure of the Sannyasi Bijoy Krishna took leave from the duties of the head priest of Brahmo-Samaj and the family as well and went out in search of his destined Guru. He travelled far and wide often on foot and without proper food. First of all he went to the Himalayan foot hills, the abode of great Yogis.

One day while he was wandering around Darjeeling hills, he came across a Buddhist Lama on the mouth of a cave deeply engrossed in meditation. He was surprised to see with his naked eyes effulgent aura emitting from the head of the Lama. He observed it from a distance silently. After sometime the aura faded out and the Yogi woke up and came to external senses.

Bijoy Krishna approached him and frankly enquired about the source of that light. The Lama explained ‘the phenomenon’ of “Kundalini-Shakti” and demonstrated again on his earnest request.

Bijoy Krishna requested him to be his Guru but the Lama said that unless empowered by one’s Guru no one can act as Guru however high may be his achievements. The Buddhist Lama gave the address of his Guru who resided in Narmada Valley.

Bijoy Krishna immediately reached there and requested the Lama’s Guru to initiate him. Here also Bijoy Krishna got the same reply- Your Guru is waiting eagerly for you at the opportune time. Disappointed yet possessing a burning desire Bijoy Krishna came to Kashi, the seat of saints.
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