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Vaishnava Saint Bhagwandasji

Vaishnava Saint Bhagwandas Ji & Brahmo Bijoy Krishna:

Saint Bhagwandas of Kalna was a liberated soul who had transcended the boundaries of religious ‘isms and ologies’. Brahmo Acharya Bijoy Krishna went to see the secular devotee.

The veteran saint prostrated before younger Bijoy Krishna as soon as he knew that Bijoy Krishna was the descendant of Prabhu Adwaityacharya and treated him with chilled water in his own bowl. Bijoy Krishna said, “I have discarded the Brahmin’s sacred thread, I do not believe in caste system and joined the Brahmo Samaj. I am an outcaste, so please give me water in a different container.”

Hearing this Bhagwandas started weeping. He said, “Prabhu, please allow me to fulfill my desire. Kindly, drink from my pot”. After Bijoy Krishna drank and left the pot, Babaji himself took the residual water and drank as Prasad saying. “Is it possible to get devotion till there is caste barrier? Without Brahmo-Gnyan (enlightened vision of equality) the barriers of multi vision cannot be crossed. Your going to Brahmo-Samaj is not wasted Prabhu. My Adwaita Prabhu also had given up the sacred thread at a later age.”

Some local people came in the meantime and passed taunting remarks as Babu Bijoy Krishna (to see him in a Calcuttan babu dress) and said- “What have you to do with a Vaishnav saint when you have deserted your age old religion?”

Baba Bhagwandas fell into tears and retorted, “It is our duty to adorn the prabhu with fine dress which we fail and instead ridicule when prabhu has arranged it himself. How poor is our thinking!” he started crying fondly.

Acharya Bijoy Krishna for the first time saw in Baba’s ashram the NAAM-BRAHMA being worshipped by everybody irrespective of religion, caste, creed or sect which he liked very much. After a decade when he was in the chair of Sadguru & his Guru Brahmananda Paramhansaji asked him to live in Vrindavan, Mahaprabhu one day appeared before him at Radha bag and asked Gosaiji to propagate worship and Japa of NAAM-BRAHMA in every nook and corner and especially to those devotees who did not get the power impregnated AJAPA-MANTRA from Sadguru.

Gosaiji, on coming back from Vrindavan propagated NAAM BRAHMA and asked his disciples to worship irrespective of caste and creed. He remembered the first inspiration of worship of this secular deity that had came from the saint Bhagwandas baba of Kalna. Bijoy Krishna had reaffirmed after seeing Bhagwandas baba that after climbing the peak the differences in path vanish altogether.

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