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Advent In the City

How the Food we intake influences our mind and AJAPA JAPA (Sadhana):
  After the medieval darkness, renaissance in India brought in spiritual revolution. Great saints incarnated in different parts of India to bring fresh tide in the otherwise stagnated water that is ritualistic religion of black arts, worship of numerous idols, dual and acrobatics of oration of mantra, japas etc.

Truth seekers hid themselves in the solitude of remote caves, hills and dense forests away from the bustling crowds.

Sadguru this time chose to advent within the city crowds and then too in a family with a luminous past and presently promoters of the medivial traditions and the past glory and who used to deliver kulguru deeksha. To flush out the stagnation from witnin Sadguru incarnated as Sri Bijoy Krishana Goswami to promulgate AJAPA SADHAN among common house holders.

The educated class who believed in Mantra Japa were disgusted with the Kulguru cult that is the family preceptor system and mass exodus had started to take shelter in other religions.

Sri Bijoy Krishana, by leading a life of a common man and gradually ascending step by step and reaching the highest state of enlightenment showed the common man that power infused by AJAPA MANTRA if transmitted by a liberated soul can transform a common householder as well and take him or her to the same platform of a great saint and for that there is no need to renounce the family life and go to the Himalayas or the forest.

Sri Gosai ji showed the actual menaing of renunciation which comes from within and the powerful AJAPA doesnít distinguish between a rich or a poor, a highly educated or illetereate a householder or a medicant, a believer or a non believer and even an outlawed person. A thousand years of darkness can be removed by the click of the torch. That is the power of AJAPA.

This message came as a great source of hope to the common man who pondered helplessly for a path that suits their life pattern. He also affirmed that this MANTRAíS power will continue for 500 years through medium of his choice. Then he will advent again.

Gosai ji demonstrated through his own life the five fold path as stated in Geeta that is Karma, Gyana, Yoga, Bhakti and Prem (Love) are not parallel paths but linear joined together in succession one after the other.

Demonstrated through his own Life:

  1. Gosai ji relinquished the easy going path of kulguru and joined Calcutta medical college to earn his livelihood through service of mankind. He took fees from the solvents but gave free medicines to the poor.
    Kulaguru Deeksha is a system where a person born in the lineage of the family of an enlightened saint is entitled to act as a preceptor even without himself being enlightened. The mantra was sterile and hence non productive.

  2. He left Hinduism and joined Brahmo Samaj and got initiated by Maharishi Devendra nath Tagore (father of nobel laureate poet, Rabindranath Tagore) and spent long 22 years studying bearing the wreth of preaching the doctrines of Brahmo Gyan the formless attributeless God. He was honored as full time head priest of Brahmo Samaj and stayted with his family in the temple. Yet his thirst for ultimate truth was not quenched in this dry path of gyan (pure wisdom). Brahmos did not believe in the need of a Guru and he knew by now that without a Guru it would be impossible to proceed further.

  3. Throwing his family to financial crisis he left Brahmo Samaj and took shelter under an elightenend Godhead from Himalayas revered Brahmananda Paramhansa and got the path of AJAPA NAAM YOGA. Immediately after hearing the Mantra (power infuse name of God) Bijoy Krishana went into deep trance which lasted for eleven days. A saint helped to sustain his life. On getting back his senses he spent months immersed in AJAPA NAAM YOGA and took sannyas (renouncement).

  4. His whole being was gradually drenched in the nector of devotion as the manifest forms of God as Krishna, Kali, Durga, Shiva, Mahaprabhu Chaitanya started appearing before him and talking to him.

  5. Hearing loud chanting he would stand up, his matted long hair would stand erect including body hair, tears roll down profusely, he would dance in ecstasy for hours and then go into deep trance loosing his external senses.

  6. He spent the last 12 years of his life without sleep sitting erect day and night in meditation and communicating with different manifest forms of God and saints. He never felt tired due to sleeplessness.
His whole being was imbibed with love for God and his creation.

He gave AJAPA MANTRA to thousands of common householders as well as renunciates even great saints from Himalayas.

The great devotees were amazed to see that the common man and woman doing hardwork to earn their livelihood, written a short time after taking AJAPA MANTRA from Gosai ji were transformed to such an extent that even the great renunciates spending their life treading on other religious path would cherish to attain that state.

Hearing Gods name the spontaneous estacy and joy out of devotion and love that drenched these people was amazing to look at.

In AJAPA NAAM sadhan the recipient has to go through all the five fold steps of karma, Gyan, yoga, devotion and ultimately get immersed in LOVE.

Gosai ji says lead a normal life and go on doing and do all the works you have been doing so long. The incessant NAAM japa will burn all your impurities from with in and transform gradually like a snake casting its slough.

He further says, allot at least a small time everyday to observe Naam if you want to relish the joy of it.

Gosai jiís assurance is a great hope for the common man who is bogged down day and night in pursuit of ephemeral- pleasure and yet possess a longing for perineal joy.
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